Bug in latest browsing protection plugin?

Ever since the release of the latest browsing protection plugin, Firefox 6 & IE8 will freeze up sometimes (for 10-20 seconds). When I disable the plugin in each browser (Firefox: Tools>Add-ons; IE8: Tools>Manage Addons), the problem goes away. I have F-secure installed on another computer and that computer has the same problem. I scanned both for malware & performed disk checks. Anyone else having this problem? (I have F-Secure Internet Security 2011 & Windows XP SP3)


  • BigPete
    BigPete Posts: 42 Observer

    I forgot to add to the previous post: The temporary "hanging" only occurs when Firefox 6/IE8 is loading a page (i.e. after clicking on a link). The problem does not occur with Chrome. Also, I am running 32-bit XP SP3. Thank you.

  • BigPete
    BigPete Posts: 42 Observer

    I tried re-installing FSIS 2011 -- temporary freezing still occuring when browser plugins are activated.

  • patet
    patet Posts: 57 Explorer

    Yes, freezes sometimes on page loads and generally slows down both Firefox and IE, IE9 is actually complaining constantly about BW slowing it down.

  • MJ-perComp
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    please do not doublepost in differerent threads!



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