Minor BUG: Online F-Secure Health Check wants to use 'OLD JAVA VERSION'

The current (pr. 22.Nov 2012)  Java Runtime is 7u9.


Running the Online F-Secure Health Check opens with a warning (from JRE) that it wants Java (1.6.0_10).

It runs fine if you click on 'Run with the latest version' button.


The other text on the popup window is:


Name: com.fsecure.lanchpoint.JLaunchPoint

From: http://downloadsp.f-secure.com



Good (BUG) hunting,

Gene S. Bergen NORWAY



  • Hi Gene,


    Thank you for pointing this out. That was a side-effect for a quick fix that were done a few weeks back. We are in the process of doing Service Release 2 which will eliminate the warning. This is coming very soon.


    If you don't mind sharing the URL that you have tested it on it would be a great help. Thanks again.




    Maintenance Manager


  • The URL i use to access the online 'Health Check' is:




    Now where I got it from, I don't know for sure.

    I've been using NextGenTel's OEM version of F-Secure as my security software for years.

    Perhaps I read in their information or on your FaceBook Community Page.



    Gene, Bergen NORWAY


  • Hi Gene,


    Thanks for the quick feedback. We will be releasing it's latest build (SR2) mid next week with a few more fixes. Please do continue testing our products. We will do our best in delivering good products based on continuous feedbacks from active users like you :)


    Thanks again.




    Maintenance Manager


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