Computer Security Reports that it is Turned Off

Windows 7 64 bit


For the past couple or three days, my Action Center has requested that I turn on Security. Duhhhhhhhhh, it's on, but nothing I can do will convince the silly thing.


I'm about ready to pull my hair out, and uninstall F-Secure. I do not want any viruses to get into my machine!

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  • VilleVille Posts: 494 F-Secure Employee
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    The hotfix was released at 9:45 UTC. Within the next 6 hours all clients should have received it. You should see the hotfix being applied because it will ask you to reboot the computer.



  • Same here.

    This started happening after the last beta release.

    Would someone be kind enough to check into this?


  • Windows 7 64 bit

    Also says Anti-Virus is off, even though it's on in F-Secure Beta.

  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12

    I have this problem too.


    And all database definitions are 3 days old, except e-mail filtering, which is 59 days old. Smiley Sad

  • PetriPetri Posts: 38



    thank you for reproting this issue. We now know where the problem is, and we are trying to get a hotfix released tomorrow to fix the problem.




  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12

    I can not scan for viruses either.

  • Thanks, Petri. I'm really, really, really looking forward to the hotfix! Smiley Happy

  • PetriPetri Posts: 38



    unfortunately we ran into a problem with the hotfix, so we could not get it fully finalized today. Therefore we will release the hotfix tomorrow.



  • KozeKoze Posts: 9

    Despite the hotfix it's still reporting Internet Security is off!

  • KozeKoze Posts: 9

    After the Hotfix  came in and a reboot the problem is gone ! 

  • I'm a little behind I guess, because I just booted my computer . . . After all the churning Windows does, I was finally told to restart my computer in order for the hotfix to be applied.


    I'm happy to report that the ugly red X at the bottom right of my screen is gone! Whoopee! Smiley Very Happy

  • Good morning, Ko! Good to see you again. Smiley Wink

  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12

    It´s working fine after reboot Smiley Very Happy

  • Great!!!

    Hotfix seems to address and fix the bug....good job and thanks for listening.

    Cheers :)

  • KozeKoze Posts: 9

    Hi Nancy,


    Good to see some well known people also!


  • KozeKoze Posts: 9

    Got it and reported OK.


    But this morning I still have,for a few seconds,the warning from the Windows Home server, the client AV is not working correct or out of date.


    After closing that message all is OK again.


  • KozeKoze Posts: 9


    Today the message from the WHS system did appear again, after 7 seconds it does report OK again!


    So the time for reporting OK to the security centre is still a bit slow !

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098 Superuser



    what F-Secure product are you using with Windows Home Server?

    AFAIK FSIS (ISTP) are not designed for WHS!


    I am not sure what information WHS is collecting and what it is comparing it against to decide for "OK".


    But in the end 7 sec sounds acceptable for me. If I would browse to the Internet first, find the latest timestamp for the DBs then open DF-Secure and compare it manually it would take much longer.


    Still this could be a simple timing problem with lots of other software beeing loaded at the same time.




  • KozeKoze Posts: 9

    I'm not using any F-secure on the WHS I use Avast Home server AV.


    It's acceptable for me too, no problem with that, but as we are testing I like to report all things notising.


    It's the securtity centre from Windows 7 that is reporting to the WHS or better the WHS is checking the security centre.


    I have had this same problem with Avast also as with Microsoft's Security essentials. both have changed some options and I don't see this report anymore regarding those two.(other machines :) .

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098 Superuser



    do you know what they changed?



  • KozeKoze Posts: 9

    I'm sorry, they didn't tell me.

    I'm afraid that's all I can say.


    But what I have seen is that despite of beeing updated or not MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)  is reporting to the Security centre, all is OK. and start telling me I have a risk till the update comes in, but in the Security centre it says All is OK.


    Avast (Pro)  is updating now as soon as the network connection is active before all of Windows 7 (or Vista) is activated.


    I believe that is part of the problem F-secure starts updating after all of Windows is active as far as I can see, maybe that is the reason of the seven seconds report from the security centre about it.


  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12

    Now it´s back Computer Security Reports that Antivirus is Turned Off  Smiley Sad 


    a restart fix the problem  Smiley Happy

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