How to write the best bug report?


I am doing the Technology Preview 2013 for Windows and I believe I have found a bug after some persistence of the problem being reproduced. What is the most information I can provide in the bug report besides a detailed decription of the problem and what triggers it etc......


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    well, you can and should generate "fsdiag".

    Right click Launcher pad icon in taskbar and press "Run support tool", then it will give you a little 'readme' text with instructions and follow them. When you'll get fsdiag file submit bug report at and voila.

    They will contact you sooner or later...
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    You can sign up and register the F-Secure Beta Test.


    And submit the Software Bugs which you have detected.


    It will take a while for them to make a process before you can proceed.



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    How to write the best bug report.


    To write a good report.


    You need to give an attention to details.


    If you find a constant problem with the Software. And it repeatedly having the same problems or issues.


    You write down on a piece of paper and discribe before you posted via this forum.


    And if you have any particular ideas in mind you can add adtitional feedback.


    Writing a good important details is best report to write software bugs!


    When people in the forum reads it.


    They will take note of it and ask for feedbacks.


    I'm sure the F-Secure Beta Team is reading everyones bugs report in the forum as well.


    If you are a Pro is software Beta Testing or Software Evaluations tests which they call it.


    You need to register as a member.


    So you have to get back and forth to F-Secure Beta Team to feedback.


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    There are 3 things that we need to know in the bug report.

    1. Environment where it happens. Our support tool collects this information usually automatically.
    2. Steps to reproduce the problem. If there are no reliable steps to reproduce, then try to give the circumstances when the problem happens, for example "always after reboot".
    3. Support tool output

    Additionally if the bug is visible in user interface it would be good to have a screenshot of the problem.


    After we in R&D have analyzed the problem we might need some extra information. This means that we can not reproduce the problem in our test lab. It's important that we get the information, otherwise the bug will not be fixed.


    For example this would be a good bug report:


    Environment: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Finnish
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Run network installer
    2. Click "Install" to go to license terms (and elevate)
    3. Click "Read our privacy policy" link
    4. Privacy policy is shown but back button is disabled - no way to get back to license terms other than killing network installer process
    Expected: back button is enabled

    Attachments: (support tool output), screenshot.png (screenshot of the dialog where button is disabled)






    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

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