My programs picks up 43 Suspicious programs and does nothing about it?

I have never had a positive like this on an F-Secure program like this before. What can I do to address the suspicious files and quarantine them or set the program up to protect me from them. I have no idea the risk involved with them or why they are marked suspicious by the program. Please advise me and help me out. My posts are really starting to build up here if anyone can help please do. I just need to start working on something please at least one post at a time. My sister's full version of Internet Security 2013 for PC. I would rather start with these problems like with this beta test I agreed to do for F-Secure to make the best security solution possible with your help guys. Thank You Guys, Rich Walston

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  • TomiTomi Posts: 45
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    You should be able to see the details of these suspicious files once the scanning has finished and the results are displayed, if this is not the case, would it be possible for you to open a bug report at the beta portal ( ) and attach screenshot of the detections plus the diagnostic file which you can generate by right clicking the F-Secure icon on the systray and selecting "Support Tool"?

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