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Hi there!


The first 30 people posting here will get our cool laptop stickers. The stickers are from our recent Laptop Sticker contest.

If you want to get the stickers, be quick and share your story or experience (or lack of experience) about online shopping or banking. Have you encountered security issues when shopping/banking online?


Please, DO NOT post here your personal information. I will contact the winners personally to acquire address information.


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    My real name is Rich Walston and I enjoy the F-Secure community and I hope that there are other people from New York on here somewhere who maybe can meet up and start a group for Computer Security issues. Especially when it comes to a lot of people WAY TOO MANY to mention hacking and cheating on First Person Shooters etc. They are using the computers to hack etc. Leaving the other parts of the forum to that though. I am a Paramedic who went back to school and I am looking for online friends who just want to chat here or there. I am also participating in the F-Secure Internet Security Preview Testing. I am into Skyrim on my Xbox 360(My PS3 was pronouced dead) and I go to college online now for Psychology. That's all there is to say about me for now :). Thanks for reading my post guys. Rich

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    Hi Rich!


    Nice to have you onboard Smiley Wink

    Thanks for presenting yourself to the others here in the Speaker's Corner.



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  • Hi, I'm Sladey, new here. Came for the freebies.


    For online shopping, I have a credit card with a very stringent low limit but since the CC companies will pick up the tab on a breach, why do I care? Probably the inconvenience.


    I've been in IT security since 1998 and interested since 1993 when I ran a BBS then a dial-up Linux server. I've only recently started using Internet backing, since my bank is now providing a 2FA for my accoutn. Imagine my disappointement as they now allow a bypass of that! Smiley Sad


    I post many places, under several pseudonyms. I'll go and wander throught the forums now. :)

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    Hi, I made it!

  • Hmm, I really haven't considered security much when shopping online. But if I buy something online, I use just the biggest shops that (hopefully) can be trusted. I don't use online banking that much, about once or twice a month I log in and out, no problems there either.

  • I have been using F-secure since 1999 and never had a single problem except when I VOLUNTARILY disabled it to make some experiments - and had to re-format the pc. 
    I had experiences of bad homebanking always stopped before the damage was done. I strongly suggest to use F-secure together with another small program like "Superantispyware" they work perfectly together and keep your net browsing incredibly safe. I trust the home banking login with virtual keyboards only if used by my own pc, otherwise I will not log in and use alternative banking methods.


    The guys at f-sec are excepional, all of them.

  • Hi all


    My experience of online shopping has been pretty good over the years. A part from CC companies blocking transactions for security reasons and not bothering to call you, but expecting you to call them to resolve the issue.


    Looking forward to getting a set of the new laptop stickers =)



  • AmigaAmiga Posts: 12

    Nice I Think this is a great idea

  • Hi! My name is Nicolas Sala, just as Sladey i came for the freebies Smiley Tongue


    I have never encountered a problem shopping online, i bought some stuff on ebay and received them in Argentina without problems.



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    Hi Keith!


    Have you been doing online shopping or do you use online banking? Share your experience with us!

  • rnuisrnuis Posts: 13

    I realy like F-Secure and am i big fan for a long time.





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    Hola Amiga!


    Have you been doing online shopping or do you use online banking? Share your experience with us!

  • Hi, I am not a real fan of using credit card/online banking. Mostly due to security issues & how vulnerable it is to blackhat hackers. But as of today, it is quite hard to live without credit card or doing some online banking. I have been limiting myself on using credit card/online banking to only petrol (car fuel)/online ticketing purchase. I am still prefer using cash whenever I could.



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    Hi rnuis!


    Have you been doing online shopping or do you use online banking? Share your experience with us!


    Thanks for your positive feedback :)

  • Hello.

    This summer I got myself a Visa card and therefore I became an "adult" (in my own eyes). I have used the card a few times on the web (mostly on Steam). Every time I've used the card have I started with checked for basic stuff, like reviews or how the website is built. Of course am I using F-Secure on my computer to make sure I am clean from viruses and neither I or any of my family members have had any problems with our online banking.


    Basicly, what I whanted to say was "Be smart and be safe on the web, and you might get the best experience ever!".


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    Hi blackcat 13!


    Yes I know how you feel... But nowadays it is quite difficult to be without using the online paying. That is the trend!  


    Great to have you onboard!

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  • Hmmm what if the End of the World aka Doomsday really do happen in December, will F-Secure still be able to protect the irreplaceable, as the last one standing protecting the crucial data and knowledge of mankind?

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    Hi Xhisor,


    Yes I try to do the same thing.

    And I feel very uncomfortable if I have to open my bank account in a friend's computer. I would not like to open it in a public public computer. You never know how they are protected!

    Smiley Surprised


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    Smiley Wink

    Of course we will protect you and we do it with proud.

    Thanks for participating! Do you have some online banking or online shopping experience to share with us?

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    I just saw in Twitter this "The first 30 people who log into our Community..." and got curious what's happening here. About online shopping or banking... 


    There's never been any issues with banks' sites, not here in Finland or in some financial services in European area I have been in contact with. You could also say I'm a bit careful with them and try not to do anything stupid there. And it's good to have F-Secure's protection in your computer, too. Online shopping, I haven't done much of it, usually with well known and trusted partners as Nokia, Microsoft (and of course F-secure), and everything has gone smoothly.


    It was only few weeks ago, when I sent money first time over internet via email (Paypal), it definitely did feel kind of weird

    way to do it but it went well, too (it wasn't big amount of money, or I wouldn't have done it).



  • RottaRotta Posts: 1
    Hi, I have never had any security problems when paying in Internet. Although it could be always safer. I'm looking forward for new innovations from F-Secure!

    Greetings, Rotta
  • I really love F-Secure. It's the most valuable security solution for windows 8 right now :)

  • Well, recently I found out if I were to buy a product online, say Satellite Direct from, how would I know if it's a scam or phish?
    Because usually a security product, as I know, protects the user from transaction fraud, during the payment stage, or sometimes prevent phishing (the obvious ones) on scammy sites, but how about those that "seems legit"?

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    Hello AnySniper!


    Would you like to share with us your online shopping or online banking experience?


    F-Secure Community Manager

  • Hi, I feel more secure buying from well known companies and always read reviews about website before any purchase.

    Overall I feel comfortable with online transactions.


  • clydeclyde Posts: 1

    It is nice to be here.Looking forward to trying your products.

  • ME ME ME!!!... Smiley Very Happy Oh wait!?! I don't have a laptop LOL!. pass it on to someone who can use. Smiley Wink

  • gncdgncd Posts: 5

    Did the 30 already go? :)


    Oh story.


    As I'm the ultimate online shopper! I bought game time to Eve online with paypal. That's about it! It went as nice as the time before that. Smiley Very Happy

  • wrvwrv Posts: 1

    What's up? wrv here. No big hassles concerning online shopping and don't do online banking. Only problem would be stuff arriving late.

  • Enfcmedic384Enfcmedic384 Posts: 181 Enthusiast

    Could you please tell me what a two FA is? Thanks, Rich

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