Windows 8 interface and F-Secure

F-Secure still does not seem to work with the windows interface. Are there any plans or any way to get it working? 

I know you can have a tile on the start page that will launch F-Secure by taking you back to the old desktop. 

My problem is when I download an app and install it. The app might need internet access and F-Secure will notify you that it is trying to gain access. The problem is that the F-Secure notification can only be seen in the desktop mode of windows 8, but the app is being installed on the main windows 8 tiles start page. When the app is being installed there is no pop-up from F-Secure. Its only after a few minutes of it hanging that I realise it must be being blocked by F-Secure and then I need to go into the desktop mode in order to set the permissions.

Any help?


  • Jagadesan
    Jagadesan Posts: 116 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi descot,


    With regards to your problem, this is a compatibility issue hence I would suggest you to open a Support Ticket:


    Once you have open a SRID kindly update me so that I can help to escalate your issue to the product development team.



    Best Regards,

  • descot
    descot Posts: 15 Observer

    Hi Alex,


    thanks for your reply. It is good to hear that a solution is on the way. 



  • descot
    descot Posts: 15 Observer


    has the fix been deployed yet? I am not seeing the change in F-Secure running in Windows 8.

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Posts: 4 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi descot,


    The fix was rolled out to production on 20th of November, 2012. It helps avoiding unnecessary network prompts for Windows Stores apps.


    Please make sure your product is up to date. Right-click the F-Secure icon, and choose "Check for updates" from the menu.


    Best Regards,



    F-Secure Labs

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