My FireWall can be penetrated on Gibson Research Test,


Hello F-Secure Community. Thanks for reading my post. I am currently doing beta testing on the Internet Security for Windows Technology preview and I have purchased about two days ago F-Secure Internet Security 2013 the non beta version. I did the firewall leak test as suggested by a member of the beta forums and other internet security forums. They supplied a link to the software from Gibson Research to test for Firewall leaks. The good thing is that both versions of the software catch the URL as identified as a bad/malicious URl and Deepguard is set off and warns me of running this program. The problem comes though if you say OK and run the program anyway it states that I have no firewall. That the software can easily access the website Gibson Research etc..... .com.


I want to add that on the other version the Beta Technology Preview the installation was uneventful. Where in the installation of F-Secure 2013 Full release there was problems on install. The network installer got stuck at 80 percent on install and then it crashed. Then I tried to reinstall the product again and it installed completely find but, the program hang in consistent updating stage. Then when I restarted the computer the program reported an error that their was no scan engine available for a scan and that it was alerting no antivirus was available on windows. I used the F-Secure uninstaller tool via the website and I did not touch anything and waited for the tool to reboot the computer nothing else. Then I did a new install again. This time it still took a very long time to update. I wanted to call F-Secure on this and figured why bother you guys. I then figured just ask for help through e-mail. I sent the same updating complaint under 1-534987603. I am mentioning this because I think this is related somehow and that I do not want to waste anyone's time with a new ticket or anything. I want to try and provide you guys with the most comprehensive information possible. Software logs what ever is needed in order to prove out the problem and solve it. How do I fix this issue any suggestions? Please help me when you can. Thank You In Advance. Sincerely,

Rich Walston


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    One last thing and this is all that I can provide as far as much information. The strange thing on the laptop that is a Toshiba laptop and has the full 2013 Internet Security release. It will not allow me to run the free online scanner,the quick scanner or the health check. Those applications just freeze and with the .exe program it just will not install. I am sorry I can not supply any better information. Please help me when you can. I really could need some help here. Thanks Very Much, Rich Walston

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