Problems printing

After installing internet security the networkprinter does everything with an enormous delay.

It seems that every printingjob is scanned en it takes about 35 seconds for the printer to do something.

Only after removing the software is will work fine again.

The printer has an IP of


Do someone know wat the problem can be



PS i tried to set of the firewall but that haven't give any effect. 


  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 52 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Ecoboost182,


    Please refer to the steps below to create a firewall rule for the network printer.


    1. Open F-Secure Launch Pad > Computer Security > Settings > Firewall.
    2. Click on 'Rules' tab.

    3. Click 'Add' button
       - Select name and type for this rule
         Type a rule name such as; Remote Desktop
         Rule Type select 'Allow'
       - Click 'next'

    4. Select IP address or IP address range for this rule.
       - Select / check on Any Address, click on 'Next'
    5. Select the services and direction.
       - Services (Windows file sharing and network printers & Windows network browsing)
       - Direction (click on the red question mark once, and you will see green arrow point to both side)

    6. Check 'No Alert' on alert type.
    7. Click on 'Next' button follow by the 'Finish'button.
    8. Restart the computer.


    Best regards,


  • Thanks for your reply Gary.

    I tried these steps but the result is the same.

    When i give a print job such as a Word document a popup will come with the words waiting for respons of the minolta.

    It looks like the job is first scanned and the dealy is about 20 seconds.

    Normally no problem but when i want to chance papertray again 20 sec, chance color again 20sec..

    I use windows 7 32 bits


    Grtz Rob

  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 52 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Ecoboost182,


    May i know what printer you are using? And also which F-Secure software / version you are using?


    If you are using F-Secure 2012 and above, please turn off the software temporary to test if the delay persists.

    F-Secure > Computer Security > Task > Turn off.


    In case the delay does not happen after the F-Secure has been turned off, please re-enable the software and disable the component one by one in order to pinpoint which is the component that is causing the issue.


    Components that might be affected are (FSIS2013):


    -Virus and Spyware Scanning


    -Firewall (Advanced network protection)


    Best regards,


  • Hi Gary,


    We use a Minolta bizhub C25 as printer .

    The version of the software is Intersecurity 2012  9.13 build 105


    After shutting down the software in the systemtray the printer reaction is still slow.

    Only after deinstallation of the software everything works fine again.


    The program does something underwater when being installeted.


    Grtz Rob

  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 52 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Ecoboost182,


    In this case I will suggest you to open a Support Ticket for further assistances. Kindly include these informations with your service request:
    - Username/E-mail address
    - Subscription key
    - FSDIAG

    - Brief description of the issue.


    Best regards,


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