Idea : When an app, request access to internet, - show details, then show FQDNS !


See subject...


Don´t only show the IP addresses on the "warning, an application is trying to connect to the internet"

Or "an incomming connection on port xx from


Then make a lookup, and show the Full Quolified Domaine Name, ala..


Hope you understand this little change Smiley Happy


Regards Nmouse


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    thias is not reliable as too many ip-addresses host more than one server. You would never know which one it is.




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    Yos, you have right..


    But if just some is ordinary, and belongs to i.e.




    etc etc


    Then you have a a few remaining, and one og more of them, coud be fake, and a connection you dont want..


    Manny IT supporters, know that an IP that belongs to .RU, og. BE, og someone other, is bad, and therefore is to be conserned about..


    I regend that it woud be a nice feature... its easyer to let the application make a lookup, than do it manuelly afterwords..


    Helo all.. wats your idea to this ??



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    a feature that works in some situations and not in others (because it can not work) is still not agood idea for a consumer product. It will just cause a lot of irritation and support calls.


    Also I doubt that anyone can decide just from the DNS-name if ta site is good or bad. F-Secure brings browsing protection that exactly does what you want to achieve: Block dangerous or suspicious URLs.  I doubt that a human can decide that.


    Remember from some earlier posts that  a single page can cause hundrets of different URLs to be opened. The amount of information that would be shown would simply drown the dangerous things and useres will turn it off.



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