Idea : After install, ask user to make a choice of witch profile of firewall...


As subject...


The FSIS is a Security packet, then lets FSIS guide the user to get the best/most out of it... Smiley Happy


The 7 step, in firewall, guide the user to set the right firewall-profile or guide the user to select the wizards, that .. hmm see my other suggestions


I hope again, you understand what i mean :)


Regards Nmouse


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    I have seen other that have same problem, that there is no connection to the home users small LAN´s..


    i.e. :


    Make a suggesting, to choose "firewall profile" coud be a great idea...


    If a LAN scanner, to see what's in the neighbourhood, is the ultimate solution !


    we´l be the first (i think) that accecpt the user have a small LAN, and want to guide them...


    Se my other post/topic on that Q/A..




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    Thanks for the ideas. I have commented on the specific posts about these issues. Just to summarize:

    We do continously improve our product and any feedback to make the product serve our customers is valuable.


    The best way to give this feedback is to join the beta program at There you can try out the latest and greatest F-Secure offerings already before they are available in the stores. Giving feedback and product ideas through the beta portal is also a lot easier and there's more people there who can help you with any problems, bugs or feature requests.

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    Thanks... but i have joined the beta testing...


    Where is the beta-testing forum, you are talking about ??

     - i trought it was here ???



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    This is the only forum that we have. But if you login to the beta portal, you have options to report bugs or suggest features. I personally check those more actively than this forum.


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