Idea : Fireewall on private LAN og small company


Maybe 2 functions in F-Secure IS..

1. as normal, and another that wotching the firewall, all inncomming/outgoing data (SQL, FILE, PRINT, DNS, DDNS, WINS...)


After i.e. 5 working days, it recommend a firewall settings like xxyy !!

 - a preset(date) that coud be opened for port nn1,nn2,nn3,nn4, incomming, and nn6,nn7.nn8 outgoing, and program zzzy.exe coud connect to the internet...


More and more small LAN on private costumer, that have a small LAN and a little NAS with print, and the ordinare firewall is not easy for "Joe´s" user...


I have a costomer that uninstalled FSIS, because they coudent get the program to work, with a file/sql server, and they bought only a antivirus program for the company´s computers..

 - thats a shame !


Hope you got my idea ?!


Regards Nmouse


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    Please respond !


    I guess, that this is a great step, to guide the un-experian computer, user, that only  "bye and install"



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    Thank you for the idea. I think I do get your idea and I agree that the product should be so easy to use that normal usage is possible for anyone. We are always looking for ways to make our product better and naturally improving the firewall is also on that list. Your suggestion is very detailed and aimed for one specific use case, therefore is's unlikely that we would implement something exactly like that. We always try to find a solution that would be as easy to use and as generic as possible.



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