Idea : A "clean all temp on next restart..


Have been beta tester on the old "PC Booster" thats discontinued?? (damned)


Coud it be a idea to make a check-box, to clear ALLE temp folder, i.e..
%userprofile%\application settings\
%userprofile%\xxxxxx  - you know ???

Maybe in the cached-files on browsers too... ??


A check-box for "delete all TEMP files older than 7 days"

or "delete all TEMP files on next restart"


That coud clean the system a bit...


Hope you got my idea??


Regards Nmouse


  • Pooya
    Pooya Posts: 1

    I think its a good IDEA, and maybe even we can choose what temp to be deleted.

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp Posts: 432 Superuser

    1) start/run/ "ClearMgr"


    2) F-Secure is no system optimization tool!



  • Nmousedk
    Nmousedk Posts: 37 Observer


    Great you coud use it Smiley Happy


    Btw what have you done with "pc boost" - that coud be a add on module,  -a lot of computers out there,  have tonz of temp files, and windows doesent clean p at all..


    I use CCleaner witch is a great program, but "pc boost" woud have been a great clean-tool too...


    Lets hear from you ??

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