Idea : Install on slow computers, install a lite version?



When you install a OS, like Ubuntu, it see witch CPU/RAM/GPU and if it´s under the limit of 49 ?? then it installs in light mode, without the CPU/GPU/RAM depended OS, and the feeling with the software, seems more smooth..

Maybe a dialog box to not scan in "spool area" or dont scan .DLL files - thoug i know that a virus coud be in a .txt file...

 - what coud it disable, to get it faster on slow computers ???


Hope you can see where i´m going Smiley Happy


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    The Idea is well know and IS does (or did) skip some installation steps as parental Control, when the system does not meet the requirements. But when it comes to scanning, there is no alternative. F-Secure is making the software lighter and faster, but 250MB of signatures eat memory. DLLs already only get sacnned once, then they are cached and not scanned again. No, skipping certain scanjing settings would render the system insecure.



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    Upgrading your system specifications actually help for running application more efficiently. Like adding RAM to your computer will fix this type of problem. image

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