F-Secure Network


Dear F-Secure,


I am researching your corporation and would be interested in using F-Secure in the future.


My question relates to the organization of your network =

* I am guessing that, in providing security coverage for many users around the globe, you are channelling the users into a specific location, such as a Virtual Private Network? to enable accurate surveillance?

* In this case I presume that you are utilizing a specific port?

* A further presumption - you have divided your network into national branches, which act independently of one another, all of which utilize up-to-date technology as issued by your global branch?

* Is the focus of your protection against worms and viruses, or are you competent also in the realms of espionage and spyware?


Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you, even operating alongside you.


Best regards,




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