Cannot activate firewall in F-Secure

I can not activate firewall in F-Secure nor in Windows.
All I try, it immediately turns off firewall after activation. Even the option with standard windows does not work.
With the F-Secure option to put the standard options on for firewall will returns an error code 0x80070424.
Once I try to update windows I get error code 80246008.
The service Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) can not be activated.
Do anyone can give an advice how to resolve the problem?


  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,005 Influencer

    Please check to see the Background Intelligent Transfer Service is turn on by going to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.


    Check to see if the Background Intelligent Transfer under Services is turn on.


    You can even check to see if the F-Secure services is turn on on the same Control Panel,Administrative Tools, Service settings.



  • Fendy
    Fendy Posts: 67

    Hi Aart,


    I would recommend you to run a diagnose on your Windows Firewall service as well:






    Best regards,


  • Hello, is windows firewall the only one we can use with f-secure internet security ?

    Or can we use the one we want (comodo) ?

  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 70 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi molomolo,


    It is not recommended to have two Firewall software running in the same machine, you may refer to the post earlier here for more information.


    Best regards,


  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,005 Influencer



    Goto Control Panel, Windows Firewall, Turn Windows Firewall on and off.


    Select Block Incoming and Notify me.


    For Windows 7 and Windows 8.



  • service and activation
  • how f-secure activation ?
  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 70 Former F-Secure Employee

    HI efendi7,


    Can you explain further on your inquiry?


    Best regards,


  • aart
    aart Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I discovered with help of the helpdesk from Fsecure and from Microsoft thta my laptop was infected. The only solution was to perform a new installation. I am not sure when the laptop was infected (before I installed F-secure I used MacAfee)
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