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Remember to give kudos to the new ideas in this board if you like them!


With kudos you can affect and show the value.

If you want to suggest some new feature for F-Secure products, this is the place to do it :)


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  • Janiashvili
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    This is not idea, but this is just suggestion, and this is not about FS product, it's more about community, so I'll post it here...

    Maybe you'll rename "Kudos" to "Likes", Kudos doesn't sound familiar anymore, it's a little bit strange word, and everyone knows what "Like" means and how to use it....
  • ElseH
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    Hmmm. I have been thinking about that.


    What do the other users think?

    Is "Kudos" a unfamiliar term?


    Thanks you for your comment Janiashvili.

  • Jayson
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    Thanks for your comment and contribution to the Community.

    I do agree with you, even kids know what is Like(thanks to Facebook). In my opinion, Kudos is more to saying Thank you than "me too" or "like".Smiley Happy

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