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I've got few ideas about F-Secure's button in the launch pad, one idea is to make it display(when the mouse is over it) full URL address(so consumers know, that if they'll press that button, they'll get to

Another thing what I think is, that pressing it will deliever user to instead of main page.



Otherwise, it's a little tricky and 'misunderstandable'

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    Hello janiashvili!


    I really like this idea!!! It's a small but good change. Let's see what our Product Manager comments on it later on.

    Thank you for your new idea.


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    Hi Janiashvili, Thanks for submitting your idea to us. It’s a good idea to highlight the url and we will consider it in our next release as one of the feature candidates. It currently opens our support center so our customer can find more information and assistance in our products. Best Regards, Sami
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    Hi Sami_Visti


    I'm user of internet security technology preview and there the link leads to not to support page...

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    Closing as obsolete.


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