How do I find F-secure 'history'?




For some reason, every time I run F-secure, my PC seems to reboot.  However, is it possible to find a listing of any viruses, etc, found on the last run of F-secure?


Also, I am trying now to use the online scanner.  Could anyone tell me what this should look like when it is running properly?  All I am seeing is a set of marks going round in a circle - is that correct?





  • Janiashvili
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    right click launch pad in taskbar, then choose notification history; but that's not exactly what you wanted.

    Open Computer Security, go to Settings, then to "Manual scanning" tab, you can see down there blue (hyperlink-like) text "View last scanning report"(you'll see report of very last manual scan; or also you can click "View removal history".

    I guess that's all you can see unfortunately.

    But, if you know essentials of IT and can solve few PC problems, or you're just familiar with "event viewer", there you can see if F-Secure had some problems.
  • cyman1964uk

    Thanks Janiashvili,


    Those instructions you supplied were what I was looking for, though I'd have to agree with you, it doesn't tell you much, does it?


    I'm getting frustrated with FS because it will finds the order of 50 viruses and claim to have delected all files containing them.  Then when I reboot, I perform a rescan of my C: drive and it finds yet another 50-odd.  How do I get my darned machine clean?


    Also, my other question is why is there a FREE online scanner for anyone to use, yet us mugs get to pay for our tools?  Is the online scanner not very good? 




  • Janiashvili
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    "How do I get my darned machine clean?"

    Try to scan with manual settings set to "scan inside compressed files" and "Use advanced heuristics".

    Do you do full scan or quick scan("virus and spyware scan")? 


    I'm not sure, but I guess quick scan + rootkit scan is quite enough, because this will scan all active parts of the machine(as I know), so basically, if you'll get to the unscanned part, then anti virus will detect them automatically.



    And, on the other question, free online scanner is just scanner, it executes its duty only once; some antivirus companies have online scanners, some have offline scanners(most popular ones are offline, e.g. McAfee's), some have both type of scanners(and, F-Secure for some reason acts as more online company). 

    And, anti-viruses and security suites(e.g. Internet Security) are not only manual scanners, but also real-time scanners and protectors...


    For some reason, people think(not much nowadays, but so was in early 2000s), that anti-viruses are made just for one scan.. people install antiviruses to check if they're clean and then remove them...


    Kindly, Kudo me if you think my information useful Smiley Tongue

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    Hi Simon,

    "it will finds the order of 50 viruses and claim to have delected all files containing them.  Then when I reboot, I

    perform a rescan of my C: drive and it finds yet another 50-odd."

    This sounds like virus keep reinfecting your machine, kindly reconfigure your Manual scanning options and run a full

    computer scan then provide us the detections name found in your last scanning result.

    1. Settings > Manual scanning > Scanning Options,
    - Scan only known filetypes > OFF
    - Scan inside compressed files > ON
    - Use advanced heuristics > ON

    2. Scan > Full computer scan

    3. Scanning report after the Full computer scan completed or Settings > View last scanning result

    Online Scanner and EasyClean are designed for malwares removal, not a replacement to protection programs. These tools doesn't provide Real-time protection to your system.


    @Janiashvili, kudos +1.

    Best Regards,

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