Easily modify a "1 PC licence", to get a "3 PC licence"

I've been very surprised to notice that it's impossible (after the 30 days trial period) to modify a "1PC" licence to a "3 PC" one !

It would be commercially intelligent to give this possibility...

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  • Jayson
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    Hi fv6973,


    This is exactly how it implemented to our subscription key logic. You can always renew the single PC license to 3 PCs license.




    Best Regards,


  • fv6973
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    Wow I have called everyone (the custommer service of F-Secure, the customer service of AskNet, the technical services of both...), and nobody was able to say it... They told me it's impossible.


    I'm interested in this possibility.

    How could I do ? Who have I to call ?

  • etomcat
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    There is something I heard and it is probably related:


    If you have a 3-PC (tri-protect) type licence and it expires and you buy another 3-PC keycode for renewal, it is only possible to enter the activation code on ONE (1) computer. The other two computers will refuse to accept the same code.


    The reason behind this: the validity extension, entered just once, will automatically spread to the other two computers via F-Secure's "cloud-based" licencing server farm. Therefore it is unnecessary to enter the new code in all three places.


    However, if one has a single-PC (multi-protect) type keycode, which expires and he buys a 3-PC keycode for renewal, what will happen then? He will enter the code on the computer in need of renewal, but there are two more PCs in need of installing F-Secure, where the same keycode will be refused for the above stated reasons. How will he/she be able to licence those computers?


    Kind Regards: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 595


    Just a quick update on fv6973's issue, it was resolved by adding a 3 PCs license. I moved this post to Security for PC, Mac and mobile devices board, it more likely an inquiry than an idea.


    Best Regards,

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