I need something to get rid of this craptastic peaice of MALWEAR!

iLivid infects your system and hijacks browser and places unwanted thrid party adds in your browser all with out your permission. Why is this not classified as MALWEAR? I looked it up here and got the fololowing results:


Category:Clean - Not Malware


I need to egt rid of this thing it's driving me crazy! I'm tired of it hijacking my browser.


  • I livid executeable is available here:


    This is definitely malware and it overwrites windows ms visual c++ dll library files - so that 64 bit apps that rely on these libraries no longer startup - in particular I have had issues with Adobe lightroom 4 - and the only solution was to paste clean versions of the dll files into the local adobe directories.


    See the posts here:

  • Note it is not possible to uninstall ilivid fully - and the windows msvc++ library files remain corrupted. I cannot run 64 bit apps on my pc - and this is really very very annoying - and I'm 99% certain that ilivid is the root cause.

    I have real issues running Steam games now - although the lightroom fix I posted a link to below works well.

    It would be really appreciated if your experts at fsecure can build an ilivid removal tool - in particular to fix the dll file issues - as it is not possible for me to paste the corrected dll files back into the windows syswow64 directory - windows blocks this.

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    Submit virus sample via F-Secure's SAS. (A must!)


    Register if you do not have an account.


    If you do, login and  submit with URL. And explain everything!



    Click Submit Sample Button.


    And in addition to that if the virus sample is less than 32 Mb


    Test it with VirusTotal. And Scan it.


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    Have you personally try out F-Secure Easy Clean???



    I am suggesting that you try F-Secure Easy Clean first!


    If none of it works.


    You have to submit the virus sample to F-Secure which I have directed to you.



    Alternatively you can try Malwarebytes or HitmanPro cloud scanner.

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