scheduled cans

Does anyone know how to stop a scheduled scan in progress? I didn't want to kill the process, and I couldn't find it in the menus.


  • MJ-perComp
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    no regular solution for this, as sheduled scans are a somewhat outdated concept.

    Try "net stop fsma", but I am not sure how it will behave when you restart fsma.


    In any case the scheduled scan should only "eat" idle cycles (unless you defined to also scan inside archives.





  • vodomar
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    use process explorer and stop fsmm32 process

  • Rantapallo
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    Scheduled scan is being launched by command line scanner fsav.exe . Stopping that process will eventually interrupt appropriate scheduled scanning instance. To prevent scheduled scannings from starting, appropriate scheduled job should be disabled or deleted. In Home product you may disable it only locally. In corporate product managed by Policy Manager you either modify policies accordingly or - if you've set up a scheduled scan job locally - you have to manipulate the job the locally.




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