no parental control password

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no parental control password

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  • Ben
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    Hello cmpunk,


    As parental control uses Windows password implementation for users, that idea will most likely not be possible to implement .


    Thank you for your input.




  • cmpunk
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    if using Windows passwords are not secure, parental controls could be in turn
    I have a computer and know my family already knows that computer passwords passwords windows
    I want to f-secure as its other vendors to enter the new password in parental control and uninstall / turn off antivirus
    I look at the f-secure did not have that!

  • Sami_Visti
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    Hi, Our solution uses Windows accounts to have individual settings for each users. We recommend that families with multiple users create different Windows accounts for each user. That allows the parents to have different settings for each child in the house hold. Only parents should know the administrator password. Best Regards, Sami
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