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What team whether team f-secure did not have any idea to make the design of the new f-srcure?

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  • Ben
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    Hello cmpunk,


    Could you provide us with more detailed points which to your opinion make our products GUI boring?

    Our teams are always ready to hear any constructive critisism and to have honest feedback in order to improve our product further(that is what this board is about).


    Thank you for your input.

  • cmpunk
    cmpunk Posts: 11

    gui does not change from the previous version of this made me boring

  • ElseH
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    Hi cmpunk, Thank you for your comment. This is a bit similar like the Pianista47's post in the board and therefore I change your status to be Duplicate. Cheers ElseH F-Secure Community Manager
  • Jaims
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    The GUI is even more exciting now with all the necessary information and events viewed at a glance.

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