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I've tried searching the forum but can't find the exact answer I'm looking for. So, I apologize, in advance for being repetitive.


I have three computers. Each computer has Internet Security 2012 installed. If I uninstall the program from one computer (because I need to replace the hard disk), will this free up one license? Also, if I change the computer name, will I still be able to register the program on the computer (with the new hard disk)?


Thanks for your time.


  • Janiashvili
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    For first question - yes. For second - I don't know what are you asking
  • Jayson
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    Hi Paola,

    Yes, uninstalling the program from system will free up your license.

    Yes, you would be able to install to new computer with your existing license.

    Note: Don't get surprise if you see the new installation upgraded to 2013 version.


    Best Regards,

  • Paola
    Paola Posts: 10

    Thank you for the replies.


    With regard to the second question, I'd like to know if the registration also ties in the computer name. For example:


    I have three computers named Alpha1, Alpha2, and Alpha3. If I change Alpha3's computer name to Beta1, will I still be able to register the program? That is, does computer name matter when registering the program?


    Thanks for your time.

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