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You has storage services, and why you won't make one other?


Most of today's smartphones don't use "additional" storage space (e.g. SD cards), and users are in need of additional space for their devices, many smartphone OS providers(microsoft, google) provide cloud space, but they are very limited.


Users should be able to use this cloud storage solution as internal storage, without any additional problem

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    Spot on Janiashvili,


    This need we have identified and some time ago we launched storage & synchronization product called Content Anywhere. It stores user's important content in personal cloud and makes them available in all devices user is having - mobiles, tablets and personal computers. Content can be made available for offline usage on the device so that user can access it always with or without Internet connection. Further more selected content can be easily shared with friends and family. And as we are security company, all content is naturally being scanned and if infected content is found, spreading of it across user's devices is prevented.


    Currently Content Anywhere is only available for our Operator customers.


    Read more about Content Anywhere at or watch the video:



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    That's really great news cloud spaces avilable for smartphone. I think by having such option users will be able to use more storage for online activities. Thanks.

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    We have OneDrive, iCloud, Google etc. these days to fulfil this need.


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