After install, ask user to do a full scan at next restart - (BEFORE the Windows is started.)


Hi all.


"After install :

"Do a full scan after next restart (recommend)

rebooting in SCAN-MODE(failsafe mode or something), and make "Full computer scan"" (Y/N)

 If user says (no) - ask next time (Y/N)


F-Secure has to do a full scan BEFORE the systems/windows starts, the computer is really slow, if it defends virus after it is installed, it could release the power of the 2012 version Smiley Happy




If installed on a system/computer is filled with virus-spy-root-kit-bots and other... then..

There have to be a "special install" that only copied the most importend files, -then after restart, the files is placed correct, and the F-Secure is going to scan in "SCAN-MODE" BEFORE- the Windows is started..


 - Then a checkmark, that says, Block all Internet Access in firewall after restart. ???


That is a quite a genius idea, against all the crap on the net.


I hope you can see what i mean ???


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    I have a problem to fully understand what the idea is, BUT

    from Computer Therory it is impossible to decide if a software is malware or not, So the installer can not know if some unknown rootkit is already active and so can not install a scan before windows ist stared.


    You can search for KNOWN malware or suspicious files entries before the system start if you use the Rescue-CD or pu the drive into a second system, but detecting an (unknown) rootkit can only be done by monitoring system activity during regukar work.




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    Hi again..


    So you say, that it´s worthless, to do a FULL-SCAN before Windows is started, because the i.e root-kit had encrypted itself, and therefore, the scanning is not to be successfully found on this scanning ??


    It is better to let the root-kit AND the F-Secure, make a local wor against each other ??


    It that right understood ???



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    not useless, but unreliable.


    Scanning an inactive operating system will only reveal know malware. Scanning a running OS is tricky, because active rootkits hide themselves.But only in a running OS you can detect unkown malware based on the behaviour.


    There is no way inbetween that would allow a reliable scan, because there is no point where there is enough OS for the scanner but too little for the rootkit. Good rootkits get executed even before the OS-kernel is loaded. Far too early for any Anti-virus.


    That is why F-Secure has the Rescue CD. It will scan the HDD in offline mode.

    And it brings the blacklight engine that is able to identify suspicious files, processes and activity.



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