F-secure Mobile 7.6 makes my Samsung Galaxy S3 (android 4.0.4) unusable

Have had my Samsung for about 3 weeks without F-secure and it has been working great. I installed F-secure Mobile 7.6 today and suddenly my phone goes to homescreen when I do different stuff. I uninstalled F-secure and now my phone is normal again. My friend has the same problem with the same phone. Is this a known bug? Solutions?

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  • ShahrirShahrir Posts: 53

    Hi Jaro,


    Can you check if the scan is running at that time? After completing the installation, it will actually scan your files on the memory card. Can you check by unticking 'Memory card scan' and reboot your phone. Is the issue still persist? If yes, please let the initial scan finish before continue to use your phone.




  • JaroJaro Posts: 30

    I uninstalled fsecure after a day , so I have to install it again to try.

  • ShahrirShahrir Posts: 53



    Is the issue still persist after you have re-install it back? Do let us know if you require any further assistance.

  • I have a similar problem.

    I try a manual scan. It start, does a few spins on the progress wheel. No file scanned, then a black screen and then opens back to the Virus proctection menu.

    I took off the Memoery card option, no effect.



  • ShahrirShahrir Posts: 53



    May I know from where did you download the program? From Google Play or our website? Can you try to reinstall the program.

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