Feedback for F-Secure Internet Security 2013 base on 12.62 build 109

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All right. Finally test the F-Secure Internet Security.


So here it is!


F-Secure Internet Security 2013 Build 12.62 build 109

Tested on Windows 8 Release Preview Evaluation copy Build 8400

Beta Test by Rusli 26/9/2012

-------------------------------------------------------------- Firewall Leaktest ------------------

Do a fresh install of Windows 8.

So this is a fresh system to run F-Secure Internet Security 2013.

Download some programs to do testings for the Firewall.

Namely GRC & PCFlank leaktest.

When downloading PCFlank leaktest program. F-Secure Internet Security blocks the site for downloading.

So I need to do a leaktest for this.

What I really do not like about this product is that it make use of Windows 8 Default Firewall.

I'm expecting F-Secure to use their own Firewall software like the one with F-Secure Internet Security 2012.

So I leave the default Windows 8 firewall settings. Without any changes made.

I did a test with Windows 8 Firewall and it failed both leaktest from GRC & PCFlank. (By default)

Let see if F-Secure Internet Security 2013 can do it's job.

I run both GRC & PC Flank leaktest.

And DeepGuard found these programs and prompting me to Allow or Block.

If you Allow both leaktest programs from DeepGuard. Of course, it will failed the leaktest.

But if you Block both leaktest programs from DeepGuard. F-Secure passed both tests.

What I did not do is to run Matousec Firewall Leaktest Security Software Testing Suite 64.

I recommend F-Secure Beta Team to do the Matousec Firewall test.

Base on their findings, previous version of F-Secure Internet Security 2012 failed a numeber of test.

So like I said in my past review for F-Secure Antivirus 2013.

Sophos indicates that RDP have been the most common form of attacks. (Very Vulnerable.)

Not only RDP. Mostly all remote programs are being exploited! Remember Norton?

I hope F-Secure can block such attacks.

So by default I'm not sure if Syn Flood & DDOS attacks are well protected with F-Secure Internet Security 2013. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now come with Eicar test files.

This time round.

Download 3 commonly use browser. All base on the latest version release.

Namely Google Chrome,Apple Safari,Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79m

Apple Safari Version 5.1.7 (Since the release of Mountain Lion 10.8, Apple did not have the latest updates Apple Safari for Windows Version)

Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1

So for this Eicar test I will test all 4 browser which include Microsoft Windows 8 IE 10.

When testing Mozilla & Safari, F-Secure detects well.

There seems to be some issues detecting with IE 10 while downloading the Eicar's SSL enabled protocol https.

Some Heuristics issues while using IE 10. It download the file but it did not detect the eicar's ssl files.

So I have to do a Manual scan to have it detected.

It supposed to detect the files and Quarantine it immediately while downloading.

That goes the same issues with Google Chrome. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Do the extra test for the Browser.


Make use of the MalwareDomainList to detect with F-Secure.


Some malicious sites are block by F-Secure and some are not.



Base on my findings, F-Secure Internet Security is still Memory and CPU intensive tasks.


For a slow computer like mine. It is still a memory and CPU hungry.

F-Secure need to fine tune the Heuristic detections.

Hope this feedback is vital or valuble for the F-Secure Beta Team.


*Spycar is not tested at this time. You guys can give it a try*


  • Rusli
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    Just to add in a few ...


    My Internet Connection is draging me down when using F-Secure Antivirus 2013 or F-Secure Internet Security 2013.


    I am facing a constant System Freeze with my Windows 8. So I am not sure if F-Secure could be the problem.


    Okay, does F-Secure scan hidden files when doing a full scan??? (Hidden Files detection is very very important)


    The cool part is I get to know that DeepGuard is having the latest version dated 25/9/2012. (That is yesterday)


    I am not too impress with the security which Windows 8 Default Firewall provided, so I am not so sure the layering protection that F-Secure is providing.


    I'm going to do pcflank known trojan test.

  • Rusli
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    The User Mode keeps changing Windows 8 User Account Name.


    I'm not sure if this is a Windows 8 Bugs or F-Secure 2013 Internet Security bugs.


    I wish there is a sandbox feature with F-Secure products.


    Like I said before.


    The Heuristic need to fine tune.To prevent from missing detections.


    F-Secure 2013 is using Bitdefender Engine. (Not bad for 99.3 detection rate as indicated by AV-Comparative)


    G-Data is using Avast & BitDefender Engine.


    Hmm... NWO Government sending Stuxnet, Flame virus is very complicated issues.


    I wish the virus signatures can detect the Wincor Nixdorf PLC code before it can do more damages.

  • Janiashvili
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    Rusli, wat r u doin, Rusli, stahp!

  • Rusli
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    What am  I doing???


    I am giving feedback for my beta testing of F-Secure 2013.


    This is suppose to be a beta testing forum.


    Why are you asking me this?????

  • Janiashvili
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    oh, well, if you're beta tester, you should use


    I mean, I guess that's better place for detailed bug report.

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