F-Secure Internet Security 2013 - DNS Issues

I have installed trial version of the product.  Very often, I am not able to open the required websites and browser(s) throws up an error message stating that not able to connect.  After two or more times of repeated attempts, the websites will open.


I have used allmost all DNS servers right from the one provided by our ISP, Google Public Servers and Open DNS servers.  The result is same.


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    Hi Kum,


    With regards to your problem, I would suggest you to disable each component of our F-Secure IS 2013, such as Firewall (Windows Firewall), DeepGuard, and Online Security. To check on which components is actually causing the problem. If you happen to find out kindly update us on the issue. We will take approperiate action to solve your issue. 



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  • I had exactly the same issues! It drove me crazy. I decided to restore a backup, because I didn't understand why this was happening. Everything was fine until I F-secure gave the option to install 'Online Security'.

    Another strange thing is that my computer all of a sudden hangs while I'm browsing. It completely freezes and restarting is the only option to get it going again. Happened several times. 


    Mind you: this is on an almost clean install of Windows 7, with a minimum of crap installed. 


    I uninstalled Online Security and this appears to have solved the issue. Is it possible that it has anything to do with me upgrading to a SSD recently? It's a long shot, but I thought I should mention that...

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    Hi Cryptopsy and Kum


    With regards to your problem, I would suggest you to open a Support Ticket:



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    I suspecting the problem got to do when you enable the F-Secure 2013 DNS option while installing.


    While Installing F-Secure 2013, try not to enable the F-Secure 2013 DNS.


    See if it works.


    Because F-Secure 2013 is using it's own F-Secure DNS.


    It could be the problem.


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