Feedback on F-Secure 2013

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Please read my posting here. This is base on my findings. It really need to fine tune and release patches.


I wonder why it keeps giving Subscription key issues error when I just use it in less than a day. (A few hours of Offline!)





  • Rusli
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    To me, the release version is very buggy.


    It's the same thing which I encounter with F-Secure Antivirus for Mac.


    Some of the Eicar text files which I downloaded is not detecting well.


    Even  I turn on the Heuristic, the Eicar text files is not working.


    As for the spycar, i'm not sure spycar testing is relevant to current testing.


    Spycar release is rather obselete.



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  • Rusli
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    Huh? What...?????






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