F-Secure Antivirus Feedback for Build Number 12.62 Build 109

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Base on my findings....


It detecting Malwarebytes and need to be uninstall.


In my view, I usually use Malwarebytes for critical tasks. To detect unknowns.


Very heavy usage. Due to intensive CPU & Memory tasks.


Surfing the web with F-Secure 2013 can be dead slow.


F-Secure beta team need to do firewall leak test via grc, pcflank and matousec site.


Those leak test programs can be obtain from the respective site.


According to Sophos findings, RDP have been the common form of attacks.


I hope F-Secure can detect and block such attacks.


While downloading the Eicar test files, the Heuristic Engine need to be fine tune inorder to detect all the files.


I find this very very  poor indeed.


It must be detecting infected files and Quarantine it immediately.


To complete the beta test task F-Secure beta team need to test spycar.


F-Secure need to release new security patches to iron out this issues.


Base on my findings this is very poor.


I expecting the release version to be very stable and robust.




  • "Due to intensive CPU & Memory tasks.

    Surfing the web with F-Secure 2013 can be dead slow."

    You should turn on "compatibility mode" in deepguard settings ...

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    Does DeepGuard very effective at detecting PUA?


    I'm running on Windows Release Preview base on build 8400.


    I know that the RTM version is build 9200. (Not unless you have a MSDN account.)


    Downloading a hefty 3GB plus is time consuming at my end.


    Because Internet connection throughput speed  keeps dropping like crazy!


    It took me one whole day to download the Windows Beta Build.


    More than 10 Hours. Currently my connection is way below 1 Mbps!


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