IS2013 stuck updating

I tried sending this in as a support request, but for some reason it keeps failing and giving me an "Oops" page.


The "virus and spyware scanning" status is permanently stuck saying it is "updating". I believe my virus definitions are up to date as shown in the attached screenshot.




I am not sure why it is stuck saying updating? Does anyone know how to fix? I have uninstalled with the uninstall tool and reinstalled several times already too. Thanks.


Better yet, does anyone know how to go back to IS2012 instead of IS2013? Thanks.


  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 26 Contributor

    Hi Civax,


    Please remove the IS2013 with the following steps and install it back. It should resolve the situation. Kindly update us if the issue still persist.



    Uninstallation Tool:
    Please follow the instruction below:-

    1. Download the uninstallation tool UninstallationTool.exe –

    2. Save it on your Desktop for easy locating.
    3. After download is completed
    4. Double click UninstallationTool.exe
    5. Your computer will be restarted.

    Go to C:\Program Files\ to delete F-Secure folder manually if you have found any.

  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer
    I guess cvax already did that(as he said) several times already...


    That page says when it was updated("Today") not how fresh those updates are...
    Go to Common settings of launchpad's page, there is little bit more detailed view of downloads(I guess you know it already)

    Check if nothing is downloading currently. Because downloading of all databases may take few hours...
  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 490 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi cvax,


    Kindly check and make sure that your Windows Defender is turned OFF (for Windows Vista & Windows 7).
    - Click "Start", type Windows Defender in the box for Search Programs and Files.
    - Click on Windows Defender. When Windows Defender opens, select "Options" > "Administrator".
    - In the box on the right, unclick "Use this Program".
    - Save and Exit.



    Best Regards,

  • cvax
    cvax Posts: 20 Observer

    Hi all,


    Thanks for all the responses. I think janiashvili you might be on to something. It looks like something says Failed in the common settings.


    Anyone have any ideas how to get that to retry? Thanks. I've already tried all the uninstall/reinstall things. My Windows Defender is also never on. I have it disabled.


    F-SecureIDS Update 2009-01-19_06 <-- Failed


  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 26 Contributor

    Hi Cvax,


    Kindly update us did you try with the uninstallation tools was posted earlier? From the latest print screen the IDS should be the old component from IS2012. From IS2013 it should not have the old component.


    The uninstallation tools will remove the entire F-Secure component, and try to reinstall it back fresh.



  • cvax
    cvax Posts: 20 Observer



    I've mentioned it several times already. I've done the uninstall tool MANY times. This is probably the 5th time uninstalling/reinstalling IS2013 on my computer.

  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 26 Contributor

    Hi Cvax,

    Thank you for your update.


    After running the uninstallation tools did you double check that the F-Secure folder on program files is remove?


    If the issue still persists on the 5th times, kindly update us with the fsdiag and create a support case as below.





  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 26 Contributor

    hi Civax,


    On your previous uninstallation steps did you remove the programfiles\F-Secure folder as well? Perhaps remove the folder helps on this situation.


    Please feel free to contact us again should you need further assistance.



  • cvax
    cvax Posts: 20 Observer

    There was never any <ProgramFiles>\F-Secure folder to manually remove in any of my attempts.

  • jackma
    jackma Posts: 32 Contributor

    it might be worth trying the Automatic Update Reset Tool: . You only need to execute it and it will clear the databases and redownload everything. It will take up to 30 minutes to install all updates although of course the download is faster.

    Or you download the latest databases manually and install them once:
    Download the fsdbupdate9.exe.
  • cvax
    cvax Posts: 20 Observer

    Thanks jackma. I'll keep that link for the future. That would have been extremely useful.

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