how to get my stolen phone back


please kindly advise me on how to get my stolen phone back, my nokia E5 was stolen few weeks ago.. i installed f-secure on it but unfortunately  deactivated my anti-theft..but the altanate number is still there...can i still trace my phone.


  • AndyT
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    Hi Suleimanoy,


    It depends on the condition on the phone right now; if the F-Secure is turn off usually it will not able to send out any locate SMS to the trusted number. 


    Edited: Locate command will not send from our system, it should be done by the owner ONLY.



  • phone name:nokia E5

    phone number +23XXXXXXXXXXXX

    trusted number +23XXXXXXXXXXX

    email [email protected]

    place of purchase  anambra state, nigeria

    date of purchase: may-june 2011

    IMEI CODE i dont know

  • Ben
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    Hello suleimanoy,


    For privacy reasons I edited your last post.


    Please provide your data by email to the following address as advised by Andy.

    [email protected]


    [Moderator edit, this address is no longer in use, please refer to the web form:]

  • Jayson
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    Hi suleimanoy,


    If you have deactivated the Anti-Theft on your mobile phone, this make impossible to locate/lock/wipe it since the module is not running. Do you still have the "Report SIM change" enabled? If you did, you might receive the notification SMS on your Trusted Number.



    Best Regards,

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