[Suggestion] Scanning Option on Right-Click Menu

Hello F-Secure Team,


I have been using F-Secure IS 2012 for a day. At first, I give a thank to the F-Secure R&D Team for developing this program.


I have an idea think that help improving our products. We should add a Scanning Option on Right-Click Menu. This will help a user who want to scan a required file with F-Secure more easy and convenience. I know that F-Secure has "Choose what to scan..." option at Computer Security dialog but it seems complicate and inconvenience for users.


That is my first idea want to improving our products better.


I am looking forward to seeing from you.




Tran Thanh Binh





  • Hello Jayson,

    Thank you for your respond.

    I see this feature. Since this Option is difficult to see.

    I suggest that insert the F-Secure icon in this option Smiley Happy

  • MeteorMan
    MeteorMan Posts: 28

    please,can you tell me when the right click scan icon finally included in F-Secure products?this is the only product I've seen that icon is missing :)

    is a matter of aesthetics and convenience and speed of location!

    there will be in version 2014 finally?just missing that little detail and you'll be perfect! :)

  • MeteorMan
    MeteorMan Posts: 28

    can anyone answer me? :)

  • MeteorMan
    MeteorMan Posts: 28

    i'd like to see in future,in F-Secure,things that all the other AV or suites haves.total virus definitions numbers,right click scan icon,removable device scan(with pop up when device is detected,and offer scan options)scan pausing,reverto to native firewall instead Windows Firewall,and HIPS features. and OUTLOOK  2013 antispam plugin  the interface is always the same, why you do not think to change it? really is too old, in my opinion :)

    i love F- Secure capacity to detect and remove malware,but needs improvements,to bring it closer to other security suites,especially in the visual field and tools such as those mentioned. it's sad to see suites that do not have half of the  f-secure effectiveness to have all these tools that are missing in F-Secure :)
    i hope that 2014 version is truly innovative, and add all the things that are missing to become F-Secure really amazing!


  • MeteorMan
    MeteorMan Posts: 28

    even today an answer? Smiley Sad

    but I saw that there were other answers! :)

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello MeteorMan,


    Thank you for your input. In order to see your ideas implemented in our future products I would advise you to post them on the idea exchange board of our community. They should be then reviewed and answered.


    As you also asked what is coming in our future release for Internet security, and that you have valuable feedback to provide , I would suggest that you sign up for our Technoilogy Preview program.



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