Disable "Free Upgrade from F-secure" notification screen


Recently I get the Free F-scure Upgrade" notification screen several times a day.
It invites me to download F-secure 2012 with several new features.

The only option not to install the free F-secure upgrade is "ask me later".


I don't want to upgrade because in the 2012 F-scure version one can't disable automatic updates.

(This is for Windows XP - link for more details)


How can i prevent the Free F-scure Upgrade" notification screen to pop up several times a day?

Can it be done by disabling a F-secure windows service or a Windows registry hack?


The popup screen is very anoying!


Thanks for the help!



  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 595

    Hi Indra,


    This is part of the Channel(Automatic) Upgrade process which could not be disable from the client end.


    I would suggest you to open a Service Request for further assistances. Kindly attach a FSDIAG and your subscription key together with your service request, you may include this post as well.



    Best Regards,


    Service request has just been submitted including FSDIAG.


    I'm running WIndows XP - SP3 which is here to stay for quite a while.

    I understand the option to control virus database updates is not

    implemented for F-secure 2012 under Windows XP.


    The F-secure 2012 menu "other options" doesn't show under Windows XP




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