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Just did the automatic update to: Computer Security 12.56 build 100. I'm not happy with at least two changes that I think make the product less secure and less effective.


First of all, I hate the new GUI using that panel thing that pops up. Is there a way to switch that off? It's merely eye-candy that doesn't bring anything else but irritation.


After having upgraded, my custom firewall setting is gone. This forces me to set up my carefully worked out firewall profile all over again (protocols and ports I need sometimes; stricter rules when on insecure line, or relaxed rules when on VPN). The unwanted and unasked change of settings is something I ditched other security software for. I can't trust a program that changes settings without me knowing it.


The application control tool has changed. It now asks me to accept or deny a program to connect to the Internet. Accepting automatically means accepting it for all instances after the first time, which I don't like. I want to be able to allow a program on a per instance decision as it was before. The check-box to always allow a program has gone. But I don't want, for instance, that the Windows Installer can access in the background every time, once I have allowed it for another instance. I want a notification every time a program wants to connect. And I want to be able to decide whether or not a trusted program may connect everytime or not.


Worse: it automatically means that if you allow, it will allow connection in two directions as a program default. Not sure if the firewall reacts according to this setting. If so, the application control renders the firewall useless, as it will accept both outgoing as well as incoming traffic based on the lack of the option in the new GUI to set your preference. This can't possibly be the case. I want to decide whether a program may connect once, always and, moreover, whether it is allowed to accept incoming, outgoing or both connections.


Please change back to the former situation! Thanks. 




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    Can I just bump this post to see if there's anyone that will comment on this? Can't believe there's nobody that has the same concerns.
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    Bumping this post again. Hoping to get a reply.

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    Hi Robi,


    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.


    We have had mix feedbacks on the new GUI (Launchpad); Some like it, some doesn't. However the F-Secure Launchpad is part of the implementation in F-Secure Service Enabler Applications For Windows which works for better performance and end-user experience.


    In F-Secure Internet Security 2012 Service Release 1, we have fixed the settings migration issue. When upgrading from Internet Security 2011 all settings shall kept or migrated to suitable ones, including custom added firewall rules. Kindly find more details in the Release note.


    The Application Control feature has no longer available in next release, Internet Security 2013.



    Best Regards,

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    Hello Jayson,


    Thanks for the reply.


    1: I understand. But that doesn't mean I like it. For me, less clicks is better. And another tool that sits between the GUI and the action I'd like to perform makes for less productivity. IMHO it doesn't add anything, because you already have the taskbar icon with pop-up option.


    2: Good work. Just a bit too late for me, but nice to know this is fixed.


    3: This will be the reason to not use your product anymore. I only just switched to your solution and have it running on Mac and PC, but I will no longer use it if I can't manage application connection rules. For me, this is an essential option that I use all the time.



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