F-Secure and Firefox >13 = impaired download speed

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Wondering if others have experienced this problem and if so, what is the solution?? When F-Secure is activated, download speed in Firefox is clocked at ~0.70 Mbps but when I unload F-S, the speed is ~3 Mbps (my rated DSL speed). Chrome, IE, and Safari all are unaffected. This happened in FF 13, have upgraded to FF 14 w/o difference. Running Win 7 x64 and x86 Pro, F-S is my ISP's AV so assume it's up to date.



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  • jackmajackma Posts: 57

    this might be related to the Browsing Protection plugin in your Firefox, since other browsers are not affected? Try disabling the browser plugin and report back if that betters your traffic speed. Also, your IE might have the plugin installed, but is unaffected as you report. Would be good to know.
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