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Do you now, how the typical user chooses applications, like Antivirus? Interface. They look at the interface. And it is amazing (for users), when interface changes every few versions. User see of first sight that a program was changed. But F-Secure has this same interface since 2010 version (except for small details). Users interest unfortunately may fall...

I know, that F-Secure has really simply, clean and nice interface, but interface change (notiecable, NOT BIG) may have a positive impact on interest of program. Users will se - "Renewed, clean simply interface for a simply use" and... shed on the program Smiley Wink




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    Thanks for the insightful comments on interface renewal. User interface renewal with related usability improvements are high on our list when we introduce new versions of our products. As an example, we just introduced the new version of our Mobile Security product that includes a revamped user interface, now with improved support for modern touchscreen mobile devices. We are working on other products, and Anti-Virus is on that list.


    Any suggestions for interface elements or conventions you would like to see in a renewed Anti-Virus?




    Harri Kiljander

    Director UX design

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    Thank you for the replying. So far, i have a few suggestions:


    1. Renewed PPM Menu Context (functionality)

    1.a. I don't understand, why still there isn't possibility power off protection from context menu. It should be introduced. And possibility select the length of the pause protection for 10, 30, 60 minutes. 

    1.b. Link to - Many people (including me) think that the word "F-Secure" in the context menu leads to the main window. but it isn't. You should rename this link, for example - "F-Secure Website". This link may be included with in the F-Secure logo, which you can add on the top of context menu (nice element).


    2. Settings window

    What do you say to that the settings open in the same window? Already settings open in the new window. It would more nicely if iopened in the same window. And of course adding "Back" button to back to the main window.


    3. New "Close" and "minimize" buttons - actual buttons looks not so good, like uglier version of the Windows Aero buttons. Maybe change the buttons on the simple, white, without the background? Please look at the Kaspersky notifications buttons: 

    And why is "maximize" button, if doesn't work?...


    4. Nice animations animation when you switch to a new window - Maybe you will add nice looking animations?


    5. new background - completely blue/azure?... :)


    6. New icons, fo example in the main window (Status, Tools, Statistic) 


    Please write, if this ideas are good, I will think about other changes. Also you can think :):)






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    Thank you for your comments Pianista47, I'll change the status of this new idea. Cheers ElseH F-secure Community Manager
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    I got to say I personally really like the current 2013 'User Interface'. As far As Look & Feel, I Love the nice Soft Blue & White, & I think it gives off a Great Overall Quality Feel.


    Improvements I'd like to see?.


    1: the addition of an 'Animated System Tray Icon'. I Love the current Icon but its Dead?, it doesn't give you any info on the status?, like if its turned off?, updating?, needs attention? etc..


    2: the ability to 'Completely' Exclude 'Program Folders' from All F-S protection.


    3: OFF means OFF. Right now Despite their being an option to 'shut down all security features'?, this is NOT the case As proven by my ongoing support ticket that requires the use of a 'Run Command' in order to Truly turn everything off.


     Yes I realize your trying to look out for what's best for the user BUT?, its My PC & My FS-IS 2013? = My Call. Smiley Wink

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    By my calculation, we have changed our user interface 6 times during the existence of the product. By average that is about every 4 years.

    1. Animated system tray icon has it's own item, so ignoring this.
    2. This should be possible.
    3. Off these days really means off. All security features are disabled.


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