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Biggest thing is, that it indicated month's statistics for year's too,

And another thing, it says web pages ~140 blocked by browsing protection today, total visited ~5000. Hey, if it blocked, why it did not say about blocking?..



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    Same problem for me.

    Is anyone there? Smiley Sad



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    Thanks for taking the time to provide us with some feedback on our product.

    Biggest thing is, that it indicated month's statistics for year's too,
    => If you have been just been using our product for less than a month, the statistics numbers will be the same under 'month' and 'year'. However, if the numbers are still the same even after 2 months of usage, do let us know and we will investigate further.

     And another thing, it says web pages ~140 blocked by browsing protection today, total visited ~5000. Hey, if it blocked, why it did not say about blocking?..
    =>If you are using Chrome browser, you will not see any block pages. If you are using Firefox or IE browsers, Online Safety will block certain website contents that are hosted on other websites, e.g. browsing to, some content on might be blocked because they are hosted elsewhere that is rated as malicious or suspicious.



  • haha, funny, in R40 this bug was solved and then you replied with this.


    And no, I was using TP much longer than only 1 month


    And I'm using Safari, so nothing will be blocked(but online safety will tell me that it blocked something?)

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    My apologies, seems I missed out on some details in my earlier reply.


    If you are using any other browsers (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc) other than our supported browsers IE and Firefox, Online Safety will still drop http requests to suspicious or malicious links and the statistics counter will increase, but you will not see any blocking notifications.


    Do let us know if you encounter anymore issues with our product, we value your feedback! :)

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    Hi everyone,


    I have tried to visit some web pages with IE9 but the F-Secure Online Safety had prevented my access tentatives and it reported the web pages as harmful with blocking notifications. I have tried the same thing with Firefox 6 and the same result was too.


    With Google Chrome 13, Opera 11.50, Safari 5.1 and Comodo Dragon 12.2, I could not access those web pages but there were no F-Secure Online Safety blocking notifications.

    I think that this confirms what «Sling» has said :)


    I have saved three harmful web sites URLs on my computer from the F-Secure blocking notification windows and i have tried to verify the Online Safety web site blockage counter. With IE9, Firefox 6, Safari 5.1, Comodo Dragon 12.2, i have observed that the counter works correctly. I have visited the 3 harmful web sites with each of those navigators and, in each case, the counter indicates the right number.


    The exception was with opera 11.50. The initial web sites blockage counter just before my test was 866. I tried to visit the first harmful web site, F-Secure has prevented the access. I closed the navigator and i opened the program for reading the new counter number which was 871 then i closed it. I launched the second harmful website, the counter number became 876, I launched the third, the counter number became 881. I have done those two last verifications exactly like the first one steps. In total, F-Secure has blocked 3 harmful websites and it indicated in the counter the blockage of 15 harmful websites (881 - 866 = 15) !!!. The counter number increases with a value of 5 instead of 1.


    In order to check the online Safety visited web sites counter, i have done the following tests :  

    I have noted the initial number of the visited web sites. It was 24 984.Then, I have visited 5 web sites home pages ONLY (,,,, : I opened GOOGLE CHROME 13 which launches with a blank page, i visited the first web site home page and i directly closed the navigator just after the complete loading of the web site home page and i opened the online safety web site blockage counter to read the new number then i closed it . Then, i re-opened google chrome and i visited the second web site, then the third, the fourth and the fifth all with the same steps which i have done with the first web site. I have visited those websites home pages only one time for each one. The final number of the visited web sites counter was 25 045.


    In total, i have visited 5 web sites home pages. The F-Secure Online Safety has indicated that i have visited 61 web sites (25 045 - 24 984 = 61) !!!!


    I have repeated exactly the same work with IE9, Firefox 6, Opera 11.50, Safari 5.1 and Comodo Dragon 12.2 :

    With IE9 : the program has indicated 35 visited web sites instead of 5

    With Firefox 6 : the program has indicated 25 visited web sites instead of 5

    With Opera : the program has indicated 40 visited web sites instead of 5

    With Safari : the program has indicated 49 visited web sites instead of 5

    With Comodo Dragon : the program has indicated 69 visited web sites instead of 5






    Mounir Be


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    Hmm wierd, but i have to say, that a site visited, is from 1 IP, to several IP´s, with banners and things..


    I´m aware that it is wired the count so lenear...


    Have i understod it right ??


    Regards Nmouse

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    Hello ppopoyy,


    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to actually test Online Safety with so many browsers! :)


    To answer your doubts on the web site counter, for different web browsers, every http request to 1 webpage might generate different counts because different browsers might be sending other http requests (such as browsers or plugins checking for updates, etc) than to the website that you want to browse to.




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    You are welcome :)

    What about the web sites blockage counter with Opera ?

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    The statistics counters should still work with Opera the same way it works for Chrome. Unless you are observing something strange, we would like to hear it from you :).


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    The three harmful URLs are still in my poeesession. May i post them here?

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    please post on



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    URLs successfully submitted to :


    User name : ppopoyy

    Submitted URLs number : 03

    Subjects : Technology Preview Community : Online Safety statistics topic.


    Regards ppopoyy.

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