F-Secure for Mac Anti Virus for Mac OS X 10.7.4 and Mac OS X 10.8

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Does any Mac users here have any issues with Mac OS X 10.7.4 and Mac OS X 10.8 when using F-Secure for Mac Antivirus.


If so. Please explain in details here.


For instance,


If you are experincing some problems what error messages did you see?


What current Mac OS X are you using?


Did you send email to F-Secure Support team?


Have you create a FSDIAG file before sending to the F-Secure Tech Support Team?


Did you go to this link for help.




Did you check for Tech Support Telephone number base on your nearest locations?




Did you try to do a live chat with the support Team?




Did you look for latest version of your F-Secure software via this link?






Forward issues from this forum




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    Rusli Posts: 1,015 Influencer



    Thanks to F-Secure Malaysia. (Mr Samad, thank you bro!)


    That goes the same to F-Secure Finland team and the F-Secure team  rest of the world.


    There is a bug with Mac 10.8 with F-Secure.


    You have to right mouse button click on it to install.


    Right moust button click on the dmg files and select open.



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