100% disk i/o after sleep/hibernate by fshoster or fssm32


When my win 7/ F-secure  2012 laptop, awakes form a hibernate and has restores everything , I still cannot use the computer for an additional 1-2 minutes. For example after that extra delay my BT-keyboard becomes active, and mouse clicks start to react.

I investigated it by having a disk and performance monitor, activated before a sleep or hibernation.


It appears that a number of processes are doing a lot of I/O: 1-5 MB/sec for an extended time. Those include, but are not limited to, FSHOSTER (2, copies, one does a lot of I/O) and after a while FSSM32.


Are those indeed F-Secures processes? What are they doing after a hibernate/sleep awakes complete? Can I somehow prevent this form happening?


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