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Hello all!  This is my first post here on this community forum.


In June of 2011 I had purchased F-Secure IS 2011 as a 1 year 3 license package.  I was very pleased with it, however when my license expired in early July of 2012 I decided to try out Kaspersky's Internet Security software.


I'm a moderator on two Windows 7 forums and was interested in how Kaspersky performed.  I purchased the retail package from Amazon including retail disc, retail case and product license key.  All worked well for about a month or so until I had to do a new install of Windows 7 on my desktop due to a buggy motherboard BIOS. 


Once I installed the KIS 2012, the license would not validate stating that "Key Is Blocked".  Needless to say I was a little perturbed.  I contacted Kaspersky customer no-service via email.  I was informed that my purchase was "not legitimate" because Amazon is not an "authorized reseller" of Kaspersky products.  (WTH??)  The did offer me a "Six Month Key" I could use.  I posted about my issue with Kaspersky's lack of support and customer no-service on the two forums I moderate on and a couple of other forums too.  I also noticed on the Amazon website that there are a LOT of "One Star" reviews regarding KIS2012.  In particular dealing with the same issue I had about the blocked license key.


I sent links to my post so KAS customer no-service could see my discontent.  Well, being the kind and benevolent customer no-service folks that they are, they never even extended the "Six Month Key" offer to me.  They wouldn't even return my emails nor would they allow me to talk to any upper-level supervisors via phone.


So I came back to F-Secure.  A couple of times I had trouble re-installing it and the F-Secure customer service folks were friendly, professional and solved my issues quickly.


The main point of this post is to let the other members of this forum know the difference between two of the TOP FIVE rated internet security software suites on the market. 

     Kaspersky's is arrogant, rude, and totally inflexible. 

     F-Secure's is customer friendly, professional and courteous.


I am very glad to be back with F-Secure and will from now on be a loyal customer for many years to come!  '


Anyone who asks me about antivirus or internet security software for recommendations will definitely be told that F-Secure is the company to use.  Kaspersky will receive nothing but negative recommendations.


Thanks For Reading!




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    Hi Nibiru2012!


    Thank you for your feedback!


    It is nice to know your positive opinion about our customer service. We want to do our best :)

    We offer many ways for the customer to contact but we encourage you all to use the Community. You can get many points of views from the other users and also our Product Experts answer here. Those posts will help the other users as well further on.


    Hope to see you here again!



    The F-Secure Community Manager

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    I think I have to  say F-Secure out of all the anti-virus vendors when I have had significant and ongoing problems with malware/spyware and tried all these vendors. This was both systemic on both the PC and the Mac. They were first to respond and they actually level with you and tell you. Look this is exactly what you are facing and this is what you have to do. They do not dance around the bush. They are quick,thorough and very helpful.

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    How can I unblock my Nokia N8? I have forgotten my code. Please help!
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    Request support here: http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact/request

    They cannot help you directly in the community, as it may ask your credentials.
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