trojan.sirefef.hh AND virus:W64/ to remove?


Hello everyone,


I´m new here on this forum and i´m from the Netherlands (so excuse me for my poor English;-)). I am a newbe with computers, but i do have a good allround anti-virus from F-secure. Wich updates frequently. I also use Ccleaner en i remove cookies frequently and i remove my browserhistory weekly (someone said to me that that would be good). Anyhow...

But no it seems that i have a massive attack of the following

trojan.sirefef.hh AND also a virus called: W64/ZeroAccess.B. Mostly the trojan and virus is on SYSTEM but sometimes it goes on my own personal document. I already tread the easy clean tool from F secure. It didn´t detect any worms, virusses or trojans.


I hope some one can help me out. If more information is neccessary just ask.

Thank you in advance!





  • garlangreeny
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    You can send a report of this viruses to F-Secure so they could take a look on it and examine it. This could also be a new threat that is why it can't be found by F-Secure. image

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    Hi Ciambella!

    Welcome on board here in our F-Secure Community and don't worry. Smiley HappyYou will learn quickly many things about the computers and Internet Security. Whenever you have doubts feel free to ask advice or comment on other posts.



    The Community Manager

  • emily
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    To remove Trojan.sirefef.hh, virus:W64/zeroAccess.B and other similar viruses like Trojan.Sirefef.N, Trojan Horse Generic29.GJG from Trojan family, you are urgently required to use and download Virus Removal Tool on your Windows system.


    To read more click on the given URL:

  • Ciambella

    Thanks everyone for youre good advice! It was very helpfull. I also received a private message with almost the same solution as Gary´s, so i tried that first and i´m now sirefef and virus free! Thank you so much!!! I hope the F-secure anti-virus will protect us from these trojan´s and viruses as well soon.



  • annieluise

    Trojan.Sirefef.HH is really a dangerous Trojan and my PC has also been infected with it a few weeks ago. Then I found the automatic Trojan.Sirefef.HH removal tool after a long search on Internet and this really works well in deleting this malicious Trojan efficiently from my system. Not only that this tool is also capable of removing other viruses similar to that safely from your system as well.

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