What is the "evidence of harmful behaviour" ?


Your website http://browsingprotection.f-secure.com/swp/result?x=5Jg2kWKC8d86b4F-H5cdoS8dyu04vtzGtEXhQL6COLIX0k4wrv-N*w shows that someone in your company "found evidence of harmful behaviour" on my website http://archive.is/

I believe it is not true, but being listed this way causes some problems to me (for example, my site is banned in Finnish Wikipedia with the reason of "fsecure tells it is harmful").

Please provide me the found evidence in order I could fix it or remove my site from the blacklist in case of false alarm.

Best Regards.


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    Please follow the link in the bottom blue box for "Submit a sample" to  get a fast reaction





  • I did it a few days ago and see no reaction.

    Perhaps, my site still considered harmful after the investigation and I want to know why and what should I fix then.

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    Hello masharabinovich,


    You can normally submit this URL to the following address and provide a feedback.
    Once the form is filled correctly and sent, you should receive the reason of the rating for your site.



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    Hello masharabinovich,


    After the reevaluation by our team the given website was found clean.

    Sorry for any inconvenience encountered.

  • Sometimes, it may not be as harmful as you thought it would be. It could be possible that it is just a new evidence that needs to be checked and examined to make sure that it is absolutely free of threat. image

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    After I have installed the trial version I found out that my website was harmful and was blocked.

    One of your employees stated that this was a browser protection in the cloud.

    If I had not tried the f-secure software, I never would have known that visitors (potential customers) , were scared of and give me a bad name.

    I don't spend a lot of money at Google Adwords to scare the visitor with your as harmful indicated site.

    How on earth is this possible? You cannot put it off with "Sorry for any inconvenience encountered"

  • Hi Rajah,

    Please tell them here: http://browsingprotection.f-secure.com/swp/

    that your website is not malicious...
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    Hi Janiashvili,


    I did that already, but that does not answer my question.

  • if you've used "site owner feedback" feature and they didn't tell you, I guess here we can't help you either...
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    I am afraid you don't get the message, Janiahvili.
    It's not the point that I am off the list, but how it is possible that websites of enterprises come on it!
    Without knowing, thousands of enterprises can be listed as hazardous without even knowing it!
    Without any reason. f-secure cannot tell how they come on it, who did it and since when.
    Are the insane?
    Should be glad to hear from you what you think about that!

  • well, they check websites from time to time, and if they detect any link from your site going to infected one - you become known as harmful.

    In 'them' I mean system, it checks if it has something bad on it...

    Well, this is not very rare scenario, nor it happens very often.

    The similar thing was a half year ago here, so I don't find it big problem, but, of course it is still a problem
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    If it is true what you say (I believe you) than the software / system of f-secure is worse than I thought.
    The website i am talking about has zero links to other websites, nor has any virus or so. Checked by several software programs.
    So, not a very rare scenario? If a website has a link to a malicious website f-sececure find it malicious too?
    To abuse somebody, but not very often, let's say once in a half year is not a big problem?
    Are you are kidding!

  • well, that is the way google acts as well

    And, I said similar thing happened around half year ago(someone had same problem), and I don't find 1 such thing per half year big problem
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    Well, that's what I don't believe because Google (and other programs) did not find anything.
    And if it's true, is it a strange kind of thinking that if Google does something wrong, it's legitimated to do it wrong too.

    The website is a very, VERY, simple html website.
    As said before, without any link to other web pages.
    The website is on the computer too, of course, with anti-virus software.

    If my website is blocked by f-secure for a year or more perhaps, and I have because of that a loss of customers=income, who is going to pay that?
    How do you know that it happens ONLY once a year?
    Not a big thing? How do you dare to speak like this! It's a VERY BIG THING!
    Perhaps, I say perhaps you can imagine that you are in business and find out by accident that you are on some list of scammers, how should you feel?
    Does f-secure pay compensation for these faults and loss of income?

    Are you related to f-secure? I prefer a reaction of a f-secure Product Expert.

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    Hi Rajah,

    What is the Browsing Protection and how does it work?

    These safety ratings are based on information from several sources, such as F-Secure's Malware Analysts and F-Securepartners, as well as ratings given by other users of Browsing Protection.

    Kindly submit your URL by using the URL submissions form. In this way, you will get reply from our Security Lab Analyst directly with the results.


    Note: I have moved this post to Security for PC, Mac and mobile devices board.


    Best Regards,

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    I have declared A WEEK AGO with Site Owner Feedback that the website is clean.
    I have phoned with one of you employees. He declared the site was clean.
    I have mailed with your Technical Support Engineer. They submitted it to the LAB.
    I have checked the site with several other tools, amongst Google. None did find anything.
    I quote your TSE: "With regards to your enquiry, we have submitted your URL for checking by the LAB in order for them to whitelist your URL. Since it is a safe website that is why we need to highlight this to the respective team in order for them to check on this."

    With your Browsing Protection Portal F-Secure still find the website Harmful.


    PS: please degrade my rank as "Occasional Advisor" . I want be that in the last place!

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    Hi Rajah,

    Please submit your URL by using the URL submissions form then PM me the F-Secure Security Labs Ticket ID [FS-TXXXXXX], I will follow up with our Lab on behalf of you to get this fix ASAP.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused.  


    Best Regards,

  • RajahRajah Posts: 13

    Please contact:

    Chameni Chandrasagaran
    Technical Support Engineer
    F-Secure Corporation      

    UK: +44 870 0130 794
    US: +1 866 295 2725
    AUS : 1300 195 516


    She know all about it.


    It's no matter of inconvenience it's a matter of lost customers for who knows how long!


    Have to go abroad now, and have no time to react this week.


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    Hi Rajah,

    Much appreciate If you could provide me the case number (SR-ID) to check.


    Best Regards,

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    Subject: [SR ID:1-537473932] Re:Website blocked 
  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi Rajah,

    Your website has been verified to be clean and the appropriate rating is now updated.


    Best Regards,

  • RajahRajah Posts: 13


    How do you think to compensate the damage?

    You have till next Monday.

    Have to leave now..

  • Well, Rajah, that's just my thoughts, I'm just forum user....

    And, by the way, you ask for compensation, what compensation do you expect?...

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    Dear Rajah,


    We categorize 500 000 - 3 000 000 URLs on a weekly basis to protect our users from harmful websites. The safety ratings for these URL’s are based on information from several sources, such as our malware analysts and partners, as well as ratings given by other users.

    We are continuously rerating the URLs that are currently in our backend. However, with these amounts and complexity, false alarms really do happen in this industry no matter how careful we are. We are continuously working to diminish any false positives on the sites our customers visit the most. It takes it’s time to also go through all of these individually and thus we have to properly prioritize. To provide users that feel that their site is categorized wrongly; we have the URL submissions form. In this way, we give a reply from our security lab analyst directly with the results.

    I am truly sorry that you have had problems with your web site categorization but the issue is fixed now, it has been verified to be clean and the appropriate rating is now updated.  


    We do our best to keep our customers protected from most of the threats out there. For that, we rely on more than just our systems and automation and customer feedback such as yours is extremely valuable.


    F-Secure Community Manager

  • RajahRajah Posts: 13

    You don't want to get it that f-secure can be harmful itself.
    Well, you are a very small player on the market, less than 1%, so any effort is not very useful.

  • well, F-Secure has around 10th of whole online users...
  • Well, I had discussion right about that here:

    As they sey, popular doesn't only mean how popular it is Smiley Frustrated
  • RajahRajah Posts: 13

    Thanks for letting me know. Have given my contribution to that topic.

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