F-Secure Browsing Protection ToolBar

Hi To The Forums. does anyone know why the F-Secure Browsing Protection Tool bar doesn't work or when its going to be fixed or not never had it working in firefox when i was testing f-secure before now im testing windows 8 release preview still doesn't work in firefox or internet explorer. Thanks Paulie.


  • No update about this yet. I hope one from the F-Secure team can say something about this issue. image

  • Hi Paulie,


    In new F-Secure Technoloby Preview, Browsing Protection was very improved, because it support all browsers. Also  Toolbar was removed, but as i tell, protection still work. Simply - toolbar is not needed :)

  • paulie
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    Hi pianista47. Thankyou for your response to my query. do you mean the newest F-Secure Technology Preview. Thanks paulie.
  • Yes, i mean the newest Technology Preview.

  • paulie
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    Hi pianista47 Oh Right. Thanks For Clarifying That. Thanks Paulie.
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