Some comments about usability etc

Mac Protection application is not accessible though normal Cmd+Tab application switching shortcut and does not have icon on the Dock. This means, that if I have normal desktop (~10 open application windows) I have to either minimize them or go through top menu: click f-secure logo + select menu item 'Open F-secure ...' + click on that menu item.

Since this menu is not really doing other stuff than being used to open application control window, why could not main application window be opened just by clikcing f-secure logo on the top menubar? Changing application menu item logo to indicate whether Mac is protected sounds better idea than current disabled menu item saying "Your computer is protected".


Next - when task is run, for example scan home directory task, the task window becomes independent (does not have "parent") so it can be lost under main application window. Not cool.


Update is broken - it presents happy install-application-dialog but after agreeing licence terms and selecting disk, install button does nothing. Perhaps I should boot ... (but OSX is not Win...) ?


Some other notes: giving feedback on the product is not user friendly. You could make life easier for the people who want to contribute ...


Product details:

F-Secure Mac Protection (B9871.C9041)
OS X 10.7.4 (11E53)



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    This may seem to be a good information for those running on MAC OS. Thanks for sharing. image

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    Thanks for your feedback! Those are all very valid points. We're looking into ways to improve our UI and overall user experience.


    Perhaps further proving your point, the application menu item logo already does change according to the status of the product (it'll get a red cross over it if there is something wrong with the real-time protection, for example).


    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure R&D, Mac Team

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    Thank you Samad from F-Secure Malaysia.


    Thanks to all F-Secure and F-Secure Malaysia team.


    I forwarded your request in the forum. To help you guys!


    Hope that will help.



  • Some more feedback. At first - no F-Secure 4 Mac in my computer anymore Smiley Sad


    That is because I handle malware in my computer and I was unable to tell F-Secure what it can do, when it finds samples. At first it did not find any of my collected samples when doing full hard drive scan. Then it found some samples in my mailbox and notified me, that it removed them. This was not acceptable behaviour unfortunately.


    I see this as almost acceptable behaviour when dealing with "dumb users", though what about good-old quarantine (false positives). I would really appreciate if I could tell the application how it can handle found malware ... I appologise if this issue has been addressed in new versions, will give it a try if new versions appear.


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    Hi and thanks for your feedback!


    It is true that our target use case is very streamlined and we assume that the user simply does not want any malware, and it will be removed automatically. Unfortunately this does indeed exclude some professional users, and especially people handling malware.


    With regards to false positives, the malware is actually moved to the user's Trash, so they can retreive it from there if they so choose.


    That said, if you're a pro user that simply want an anti-virus installed for occasional "on-demand" scanning but do not want real time scanning, you can disable real-time scanning by using this script: (there are other "tweaks" available here: (and this is unsupported, of course).


    Finally, if you do have Mac malware samples that our product does not find, we are of course very interested in them - please submit them to our Sample Analysis System. Note that while the product does find some Windows malware, we're really only targeting Mac malware with it for now, so while Windows samples are welcome as well, detections may not be added to the Mac product if they are already detected by the Windows product.

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure R&D, Mac Team

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    Hello everyone


    it looks like there is no scan option on right click of any directory or drive. You can select a custom scan from the main interface but I think it would be nice to also have the option on right clik (or ctrl+click).


    my specs:

    OS X 10.8.1 (12B19)

    F-Secure Mac Protection (B11272.C9133)

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