Our software is being detected as virus

Hello F-Secure staff,



Im part of a team of developers for Evosoft Anti-cheat ( www.evosoft-acp.com ).


As of today's virus definitions update, our software is being detected as a virus by the F-Secure anti-virus programme, and several of our users are experiencing problems. The nature of our software is quite intrusive by default, unfortunately there's not much we can do to reduce that without severely lowering protection for the games we protect.


It would be very appreciated if you could look into the matter.




Thank you in advance,




  • If you think your software is virus free, you can simply add it to the list that should be ignored whenever you make a scan. image

  • The issue is that our software is still being removed regardless of our users adding an exception.

  • Jari-P
    Jari-P Posts: 79 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi EvosoftACP,


    Please collect a sample out of the software which are detected as malware and send file to our labs.


    From the link you can find further instructions how to send samples.



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