MacProtection update impossible

Pretty soon after installing fresh copy of MacProtection notification about new version was displayed. Trying to install updated version does not succeed though - pressing "Install" button on installation application does nothing.


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    ... and the osx version was 10.7.4 and shasum initial installed app (mactp.dmg) is 645ce78d2cb81b09be3dcc88fd655f0f800c5629



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    Any news for this issues?

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    Are you using the F-Secure for Mac Antivirus beta version or F-Secure for Mac  Antivirus Release version?


    Can explain in detail what did you do, what error messages did you get. Perhaps we can try to help you solving your problems.


    What Mac OS X version are you running on? For example OS X 10.7.4 or Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.


    If you are using the F-Secure for Mac Antivirus release version, did you try downloading the updates via this link.



    Did you try to boot via 64 bit mode?


    For example.


    Does F-Secure Mac Protection Technology Preview work in Mac OS running in 64-bit mode?

    No, but don't worry - by default OS X boots in 32-bit mode. In order to get OS X into native 64-bit mode you need to do special tricks during the boot (e.g. holding down the numbers 6 and 4 on the keyboard while booting).

    If you have not done that, you are good to go. Mac Protection installer does not check the running kernel if it is running in 32-bit mode or not and will not function in 64-bit mode kernel.





    Otherwise I am suggesting if you can contact F-Secure for Mac Antivirus support via this link.



    Create the FSDIAG file and upload the link above.And key in all your issues with F-Secure for Mac Antivirus via the F-Secure Support link above. (Make sure you create the FSDIAG and submit that file. So that the F-Secure support team will be able to help you guys)



    Such as


    How can I provide technical information to F-Secure for troubleshooting purposes?

    If you're experiencing problems with F-Secure Mac Protection Technology Preview you should contact beta piloting team as instructed at Mac Protection Technology Preview page. Many times our development team require logs and other technical details of your system in order to help.

    You can use F-Secure Support tool to gather this information automatically. The tool creates a collection of log files which are saved as an archive file called fsdiag.tar.gz. This file contains information about your F-Secure product, operating system logs and system settings.

    To create and send a fsdiag file:

    Log in as admin user, open Finder, select "Applications", go to "F-Secure" folder, click "Support tool". In the Terminal window that opens, click enter. Type password if asked.

    The tool starts gathering the information. After finished, the output file appears on your desktop. Attach the fsdiag.tar.gz file to your support request.






    F-Secure for Mac Antivirus Manual


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    this is a known bug, but we have not been able to confirm whether it's a bug in our software or in Apple's Installer (the installation is done by the built-in Installer app in OS X hence that "Install" button is not under our control).


    To workaround this issue you have to either:


     * restart the UI by opening a Terminal, typing "killall fscuif", then re-launching it by double-clicking it from the /Applications/F-Secure folder (or clicking on it in Launchpad)

     * reboot your computer after the initial installation (you should get the "update available" notification again after a while)

     * leave the Installer window from the initial installation open until the upgrade installation has started


    Again, it's a known bug and we hope that we can find a way to fix this in the product soon.


    (edit: added a third workaround)

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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    Thank you to the F-Secure Malaysia Team for a prompt reply.


    Hope that will help you guys in the forum for an answer.



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    Just for the record, I'm pretty sure I'm in Finland, not Malaysia. Smiley Happy

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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    I'm sorry.Appologise for my mistakes.


    Thanks for the info.


    Thanks for the prompt reply from F-Secure Finland.


    Hope that will help.



    "It's a mistake" - Men At Work Song



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    Is there anything to do with Apple Mac  OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper by any chance???




  • ... reboot fixed the issue. 

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    We have received reports of this bug from users also using Lion and Snow Leopard, so it being related to Gatekeeper feels fairly unlikely. Also, Gatekeeper is enforced by LaunchServices - which means that it is only enforced when an application or document is opened. This bug manifests itself after the installer has already been opened - at that point any Gatekeeper-related checks should be passed.


    (Also, due to the design of Gatekeeper, it does not apply to software that we update through our automatic update channels.)


    That said, parts of Gatekeeper and many related tools were backported to Lion with 10.7.4, and I'm not ruling out any possibilities for now.

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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    From what I gathered Apple make alot of significant changes  to it's current OSX.


    It is possible that there seems to be some software compatibility issues.


    In fact many software developer need to revamp and updates  their software to make it run properly in every OS X updates. (check roaringapps via google)


    The Files structure directory have change and some features have been discontinue.


    What I heard they are now using Clang compiler for C. GNU C have been discontinue. That goes the same to FreeBSD OS.


    It's very common in BSD system.



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