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I have an infection which is a redirect virus called note the odd spelling with an extra k. I have ran full scans, used malwarebytes but this virus seems persistent and unable to get rid of it .On Thursday 26th July I contacted On line support and Frederico found the ' ' in the sys reg. He deleted it and altered a setting on the anti virus,  but the problem returned the next time I booted up and searched using Google. F-secure history shows this Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot has been failed to have been cleared. Could this be the problem or something else


  • stinklyonion
    stinklyonion Posts: 11 Observer

    It is a virus so it is definitely be a problem. Just be cautious on the files or programs that you are about to download online or install. We can't be too careful these days. Even if we have AV installed, new viruses (those are not yet listed on database) can still penetrate. image

  • borosteve
    borosteve Posts: 2

    Any idea or had experience of getting rid of this. (Other than re formatting ) everything i've tried hasn't worked. 

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